Waking up to chaos

Waking up to chaos

Don’t know about you but waking up to the news these days is just generating a level of generalized anxiety that I had never experienced.

And every single coach, business consultant, business guru out there will say: in every crisis there is an opportunity. We have seen that happen again and again. You will see whole industries fall in a nanosecond and others rise just as fast.

The question is: how do you find an opportunity?

The simple answer is by looking around you without fear.

Today I read that in China they are identifying a new crisis: deteriorating mental health. A recent Chinese Psychology Society survey found that 42.6% of 18,000 Chinese citizens tested positive for having anxiety related to the coronavirus epidemic, Reuters reported. Of 14,000 evaluated for depression, researchers discovered that 16.6% of individuals may be dealing with moderate to severe depression.

At the same time, I have observed a rise in the offering of online counseling companies. The connection is not hard to make. And these companies are clearly on the sunny side of this crisis.

In this climate, you have two choices: you can buy into the stress, the noise and the craziness and make it even more chaotic.

Or you can dig deep and figure out what’s next. You know your market and your product better than anyone else. Now, go deep into yourself and ask: am I delivering the very best version of my product? Am I satisfying or wowing my clients? Is my product going to be useful in the next 5 years?

Just remember…  people rarely say, “I wish I’d panicked more.”