kepping focus

Time to reset, not pause

While assessing the crisis with one of our clients, we decided that what is needed is to “hit the reset button”. Why? Because the world as we know it has forever changed.

Small businesses can be greatly impacted as we proceed into unchartered waters. A second opinion or different perspective just may be the difference between success or failure for a small firm and employees as they navigate through change.

In the times we are going through, there are two things that I am convinced about:

  1. The greatest impact of this crisis will be both on our economy, but also on our mental health.
  2. The most challenging issue right now to stay focused.

On the first one, I keep asking everyone who will listen to take care of themselves. To find whatever helps them clear their mind and try to practice it once a day. I also keep repeating that you should check the news once or twice a day. If you are practicing social distancing and taking care of yourself, there is no reason to keep checking the news incessantly, generating sometimes unnecessary levels of anxiety and panic… which takes me back to our mental health.

Secondly, about focus: with so much noise, so much change around our daily lives, keeping focus is just almost impossible.

If you need help with focus, let me know. As I announced a while ago, we are dedicating time to help professionals and small businesses devise a path forward, that at least lowers their anxiety over the future, which no one can predict.

Take care.