The Nagging Client

This question always gets my clients thinking: “Which client are you focusing on every day? The one that has a clear deadline coming up, or the one that is bugging you the most?”

The answer is always raised eyebrows and a knowing smile. And the worse part? This applies to their teams too.

Manufacturing companies, or those that offer a product, have it easier in a way: your scalability is built into your production process. Service or consulting companies, however, have to make it an intentional effort to “package” their offering in a way that is easily replicated.

Which is almost always a challenge. So, they end up jumping from one client to the other (whichever is complaining the most) instead of intentionally guiding them through their service.

On the other hand, the marketing industry is telling us that the most successful companies are working on leveraging technological tools and processes to offer customer experiences, no matter what their product is. In general terms, according to an Adobe Marketing Trends Report, organizations that approach the customer experience in their team initiatives were “almost twice as likely to have exceeded their main commercial objective of 2017 by a significant margin (20% vs. 11%).”

Optimization of the customer experience ranked as the first areas offering organizations’ best marketing opportunities, followed by data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual.

This is a HUGE opportunity for small and medium-sized companies, who cannot compete with the millions of dollars that large corporations are pouring into advertising. What they CAN do? Focus on offering a top-notch experience.

Why is it so important?

Because not only focusing on your servicing process will improve your team’s performance, it will also create more word of mouth business, improve your morale and create a more scalable business.