How about a talk?

Last night I kept thinking about how we at Slata can contribute to society, to help in these times of crisis.

That’s why we have decided to do the following: from now on, until April 15th, I will be opening up my calendar to help business owners, executives, business development professionals and whoever needs support, to sit with me for an hour and try to clear our minds together while devising a path forward for your job and your business.

This is what we have been doing in Slata all along: we sit down with clients, figure out where their focus should be in order to grow their business.

But this time the focus will be on drawing a path forward for their business to survive, communicating with clients, adapting to remote work and devising new products. There is no selling involved. Just helping.

We are just building good karma and contributing in what we can to society. So, my only fee is that you pay it forward.

Join me? grab a time on my calendar here