cover post: Driving blind

Driving blindfolded

Today I was talking to my business coach, trying to describe what it feels like to lead an organization, or be an entrepreneur right now. And you know what? It feels like driving blind, in the dark.

Are you with me?

A fund manager was asking me, “What do you think? Can we do an outreach campaign and raise $10 million in the next six months?” My response was “if you had asked me in January, I would have predicted, based on your network, the way the markets are going, our actions and consistency, we can raise $2, $5, or $10 million. However, right now I don’t dare predict anything.”
Even at the beginning of the pandemic, I thought “let’s focus on the main sources on information that we can trust and use that as our guide.” And as we have seen in the last few months, even the most respected organizations in the world are failing at that.

For example, the other day I was reading a report by UBS Bank. Instead of providing their view for the next 6 months, they gave 3 options: downwards, neutral, upwards. They didn’t even dare choose one!

So what do you do? How do you work in an environment that is so incredibly unpredictable, where you don’t even have data from the past to work with?  

My humble advice: for now, work on what you CAN and what you LOVE and align your team behind it. That is why we launched The Biz of Wealth right now. Is it a lot of more work? Yes. Is it making money right now? No.

But I see two things: One, it is giving me and my team some joy, which is much needed in these times. Two, it is doing something that is building our business for the long run.
So think about that. What CAN you do? What are you GOOD at? Put your head down and trust you can do it, with your team.

PS: wonder how to align your team? Check this program we launched a while ago, on making teams more productive for the new normal.