These days, you need more than marketing and customer service to stay competitive. You need to offer a memorable customer experience. That’s why we focus on client journeys.

We are Slata, a boutique marketing firm dedicated to creating, designing and implementing unique, process-driven, effective and efficient marketing structures and client experiences for the financial services and technology industries.

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Financial Expertise

We’ve dedicated more than 15 years to providing stellar marketing support to world-class financial services firms.

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Marketing with Business Sense

Our expertise in revamping and revising communications structures enables us to hit business targets without missing the bottom line.

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B2B and HNW Flow

Our financial services expertise paves the way for powerful branding initiatives in the B2B and High Net Worth markets.

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Integrating Communications

Our specialized tech-driven approach supports diverse marketing tools that deliver the optimal communication structure for financial services and technology firms.

Our Founder

Alejandra Slatapolsky

Alejandra Slatapolsky

For more than 18 years, Alejandra has designed successful marketing and communications strategies drawn from her background in financial technology, marketing, online strategies, journalism, public relations and event planning. Her career spans diverse industries, including financial services, technology, education, publishing and event planning in the U.S. and Latin America.

Slata has supported dozens of financial services firms with strategies that combine traditional and digital marketing, product development, journalism, public relations and event planning to land more and better clients, increase brand awareness and improve profitability.


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Generating more, better clients